Flux: (fluks) noun. A constant state of change. Any flow or discharge of matter. 

Flux: Flood, flow, current, course, stream, tide, motion, fluctuation, alteration, modification, unrest, mutation, transformation. 

Flux: The electric violin player/computer programmer ('synthesizer maven') in the techno garage band Parallel Universe.

Flux: The one who scared the bejeesus out of the person sitting behind her in science class by telling him that one day the computer geeks would run his life.

Flux: The one who wears all black-as a hacker, not a goth.

Flux: The hacker that took all the grades in every school computer she could get her hands on and flipped them, making A's F's and F's A's.

Flux: The hacker tha not only followed in Trinity's footsteps and hacked the IRS d-base, but hacked the Federal Budget databse and gave money to the schools.
Flux: The person who hated school. macs and the rules.

Flux: The person who stretched all the rules she could find as far as they would go, and then let them snap back in the face of the enforcers.

Flux: A person who was pulled out of the Matrix at the age of 14, and exposed to the real world. She took the red pill.
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