Flux on Flux.
Transcript of recording by Tank, onboard the Neb.

I don't know what you want me to say. I'm just your average high school freshman...well, okay, I was your average high school freshman.... okay, I wasn't even all that average. How many people do you know of that managed to hack a Fed D-base at the tender age of fourteen? I guess even as hacker-folk go, I was kind of abnormal, being so young. I took payments from people for doing stuff- the grades in the school d-base and all, but some things I did were purely to throw monkey wrenches in things- I had a nickname around, they called me Gremlin- after the bombers in WW2 who blamed mechanical failures on 'gremlins.' Like when I got into the fed-base and changed the budget to give most of the money to the schools. I honestly don't think they would have caught that if the stupid superentendent in Bozeman Montana had noticed suddenly that they were getting significantly more money and said something about it. That pissed me off to no end- having all that work go totally to waste when they changed the budget back. The coolest part, though, was having my name spread all over the news, alongside Neo's and Trinity's and Morpheus'. They didn't know for the longest time what Flux was- then someone remembered Trinity's IRS job, and how she had left just the one word-Trinity-her name. Then, and only then, did they realize Flux was a name. Somehow, and I dont freaking know how, they managed to narrow it down to our school district, and to me. Then the Agents got in on the deal, and the rest is about what everyone else went through, the goop, the needles, the disbelief, the acceptance and the Oracle.
    I look pretty much the same in and out of the Matrix-the only major noticeable difference is that the purple streaks that had been in my hair in the Matrix aren't there in real life. And I still have the Sinead O'Connor look going on in real life-my hair hasn't grown out aas much as I'd like it to. I want it to look like Trinity's, but as curly as my hair is, even at an inch long, I doubt that I'll ever get it anywhere as straight as hers.
    I'm a music addict-Mouse, Neo and I figured out a way to tap radio waves from the Matrix and listen to music onboard the Neb. I think it was mostly my fault- I went around singing all of the bad songs I remembered until we were done writing the program. It's amazing how many lyrics you can remember when you're not trying to. Mouse suggested the program- he got sick of hearing me! I love the Spin Doctors, Meridith Brooks, Rammstein, Chumbawamba, Bree Sharp, Ashley MacIssac... almost anything. If it's got a good melody, I'll listen to it.
    Speaking of Rammstein... well, okay, it's a stretch. I've become the Neb linguist-thanks to Tank. He found the download-disk labled 'European-Based Languages' and wanted to see what was on it. Thanks to that, I can now speak German, French, Russian, Gaelic, Welsh, British English, Australian english, Sign Language, and the 'hand speak' for deaf-mute people. It's kind of fun, actually. i can swear in at least eight different languages when I'm pissed. THe nly thing that really irks me is how I sat through a year of beginning German and barily understood anything, and now I'm fluent in the goddamn language.  What a waste of nine years in school. I ould have had the goddamned Russian EMbassy eating out of my hand with htat kind of time.