This is my attempt to write down the story of how I got out and all of the *wonderful* things that happened... well they weren't ALL that bad... *g's to Mouse* Anyways.... I know some of you have been reading this through Tribute, and a big shout out to her for letting this live there.. and putting up with my wierd updates (whenever I get time to write!). I decidedd that it was time I got it up here... becuase after all, this is where my stuff hangs out. I decided it would be easier to split the story into 'update' sections... the first part is the first part I got done... the second part is the second... and so on. I though you guyz might not want to read the same beginning prat over and over to get to the new stuff.. Go back and read the old parts every once in a while, though, because I'll forget parts and then go back and put them in and the later updates will make more sense then......

Flux's Story

The Beginning/The Question is Asked and Answered

The Awakening/Training Begins

The Learning/Friends are Made and Enemies Discovered

The Oracle/Moral Support Goes Deeper

The Attacks/Things Get Bad

The Broadcast/Things Get Worse

The Abduction/ Left Alone

The Meeting/An Audience With the Queen.
(kinda short guys, because there was no good breaking point between this and the next part but
here.... or waaaayy out there in the boonies of the next part, making it a horrendous file to upload....
the next part should be up soon, the creative juices are flowing.)

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